I have taken a 5-day training course in a ReWalk suit. My long term goal is to do a BIG fundraising walking event in the ReWalk suit in the future.
I will be raising as much money as possible for the Injured Jockeys Fund & Racing Welfare.
The week of initial training has cost me 5,000.

I am now in need of anyone that could help me with my desire of helping others with my plans im looking for any sponsorship as I need to find 45k to buy a rewalk suit or even just towards the cost of the extra training to rewalk.                                                                                                      

I am not asking for money however any sponsorship/donations/support would be gratefully received. 

The ReWalk suit is designed to give vertical mobility to individuals with spinal cord injuries. I am more than happy to answer any questions you have on this challenge which I am very excited about and will keep you up to date with my progress you can follow me on my website, facebook page and twitter links are shown below MANY THANKS!!

Here are a few examples how my first ever week went in the rewalk suit
Here are some photos and videos of me training to keep me strong using the facilities at Oaksey House in Lambourn Berkshire
Working with the Hobbs Team at Oaksey House
This is not bad for a complete T4/5 spinal injury
oaksey house7 (Medium) oaksey house13 (Medium) oaksey house18 (Medium)
oaksey house31 (Medium) oaksey house33 (Medium) oaksey house35

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Twitter: @wayne7burton